Bethel Vision Statement

To embrace and make the vision of Bethel real we must:
BE·THE·Life of Christ.
This is accomplished through the REACH of Bethel:
It is the vision of Bethel Baptist Church to be the life of Christ through:

REACHING OUT (outreach)

  • We will be the life of Christ in the world by REACHING OUT in our community and around the world, demonstrating the love of Christ to those in need across the economic spectrum;
  • Through connecting with college students as they transition between home and school;
  • Through finding ways to connect the unchurched to Bethel;
  • Through Sunday School classes that are as active outside the church as they are inside the church;
  • Through helping young families connect to a family of faith where they can have support in spiritual and family support;
  • Through the transmission of worship services to those who are homebound and those not comfortable coming to a worship service;
  • Through a comprehensive prayer ministry that is as active outside the confines of the worship facilities as it is inside;
  • Through connecting with and adopting an unreached people group with the purpose of taking the gospel to them;
  • Through intentional missions engagement of a town/city where regular mission trips occur and relationships can be formed with people in that town;
  • Through targeted ministries that address issues relevant to specific groups, such as youth, children, senior adults, young married couples, veterans, etc.

REACHING UP (worship)

  • We will be the life of Christ in the world by REACHING UP to God through worship that focuses on praising and glorifying God;
  • Through providing counselors for prayer and encouragement during times of invitation;
  • Through making the worship services something we eagerly anticipate being a part of;
  • Through taking the worship of God beyond the four walls of our facilities into the city;
  • Through regular giving of both tithes and offerings, and a regular system of communication on the importance of giving;
  • Through the preaching of the gospel and the presentation of the gospel at every opportunity;
  • Through vibrant and celebrative worship services that embrace all types of music.
  • Through connecting worship attenders to active participation in Sunday School.

REACHING DOWN (discipleship)

  • We will be the life of Christ in the world by REACHING DOWN into the hearts of believers through the intentional discipleship of church members and seekers;
  • Through providing new member classes to those who are considering being a part of Bethel or have recently become members of Bethel;
  • Through the formation, care, and guidance of discipleship small groups, such as parenting, financial planning, marriage enrichment, etc.
  • Through the development and implementation of leadership training opportunities for church members.

REACHING IN (soul care)

  • We will be the life of Christ in the world by REACHING IN to address issues that affect us and that we struggle with in life;
  • Through a vibrant counseling ministry that seeks to help those struggling with specific issues in life;
  • Through the training of lay counselors to help with counseling needs.

REACHING AROUND (facilities)

  • We will be the life of Christ in the world by REACHING AROUND our physical structure, intentionally focusing on the care,
    maintenance, and further construction of our facilities;
  • Through providing well-lit and secure facilities that members and guests will be at ease in attending and bringing their family;
  • Through being attentive to space needs and being willing to plan for the future in building projects;
  • Through making sure every space within our facilities is being used to its maximum potential for the glory of God;
  • Through making sure our campus is well-lit, safe, and capable of handling the flow and parking of vehicles during activities.

It is the vision of Bethel Baptist Church to be the life of Christ in the world through every ministry it is involved with, through every member who is part of the Bethel family of faith, and through every method it uses to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with a lost and dying world.