Team Kids has ended for this season. No activities during the summer, but is expected to resume in the fall!

Team Kids is a fast paced, highly active children’s program that serves children ages 4 years old up to the 6th grade. The classes are split into age groups and rotate through music, recreation, and bible study. Each age group has coaches that teach the children about bible study in an age appropriate manner.

Children also learn about missionaries and their needs in the laid back class room setting. In recreation each game has a deeper meaning that helps children understand what kind of behavior God expects from them. In music they enjoy worshiping their creator with songs that are made especially for them.

Come join us each Wednesday evening. A family meal at 6 pm and kids and youth activities begin at 6:40. Use the link below if you need a ride!

Need a ride? Bethel has a Bus Ministry
Bus Ministry Permission Slip Download